These shirts are as unique- and powerful- as a breaking wave. Each one is based on a vintage garment, business shirts that have plenty of life left in them but have outgrown the boardrooms, cubicle offices, and subway cars where they spent their early days. We select by hand only the best shirts, and then get out our scissors. We cut and sew them, altering their shape and feeling and giving them a new lease on life. Each is treated differently. They are reshaped, receive applique layers, a natural rust underdye, tuxedo ruffles, detailed stitching and more. Then, each is handpainted with wax and hand dyed with indigo.  Like a river that cannot be stepped in twice, no brushstroke can be duplicated and each garment is completely unlike the ones around it, or any other one we have ever seen. Perhaps in this way, it is just like you.