DIY For Lyfe

Our style of sustainable clothing grew out of the merger of punk and rave aesthetics in the nineties: whether it was a basement show you entered with a donation of can soup for the kitchen, or a renegade dance party with a generator in a forgotten underpass in the industrial part of town, but we have always celebrated what we can build ourselves. In the early days of Pandora’s Trunk we would have a sewing machine and supplies available for audience members to make their own modified clothing. Pandora’s Trunk is also where we first collaborated with Bay Area stalwarts Bad Unkl Sista, and after that nothing was ever the same.

Style Wars took this notion to a totally different place, where we performed live reconstructions onstage with staplers, duct tape, and things you would find in your garage… as well as vintage clothing turned upside down and inside out.

Through collective action we can accomplish a lot! Twice Medium Reality has merged forces with other designers to open an indie design flagship boutique for a host of up and coming labels. Most recently this approach was used to form Coyote Counter Collective in Oakland, CA, where people were invited to view artists in action working in the studio space behind the counter.