Queer Fashion History

In our first ever solo runway segment we were pleased to welcome a stalwart of San Francisco’s queer scene, Mae Joy Be Withu to our stage. This was the beginning of a beautiful history with the queens of performance art and gender-fxcking, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We got involved with LadyFest Bay Area but things really heated up when we met Boylesque. We had a long and excellent collaboration with them, and we have that collaboration, and Ernesto Sopprani in particular, to thank for our logo. We made custom outfits for the queer folk-punkers behind Vagabondage http://www.vagabondageband.com/ (be sure and check out Emchy’s other project, The Secret Emchy Society http://www.emchy.com/ ) and The Sweet Trade https://thesweettrade.bandcamp.com/.

Then, we found Queer Fashion Week. This show has changed our lives! The queer fashion community needs spaces like this in order to find each other and build collaborations. We met and built connections with queer artist ImeraldBrown through our Oakland community, and eventually used Imerald’s music in our runway mix for this show.