Retail Purchase Terms & Sales Policies

We are so glad you are here! Welcome! Each garment we make is one of a kind, crafted from reclaimed and recycled materials that each have their own properties and characteristics. We start making your clothes, to your exact specifications, when you order them. This means each piece is truly special!

Sometimes we are already in production when you order, and we can add you right into our workflow and make your clothes right away! Other times, we are in a different workflow and need to wait until dye vats mature, until runway buzz dies down, and our schedule clears out enough to make space for your order to get the care and attention it deserves. We are a small company and each garment is important to us. If you want your clothes for a certain date or event please share this information with us so that we can accommodate you. Shirts can take anywhere from 2 weeks, up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the timing of your order.

All clothing can be exchanged or returned. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Full refund or exchange available for purchase within two weeks of receipt. After that the garment may be exchanged for store credit or a different garment for another month.

There is a lifetime warranty for repairs on any problems in the construction of your garment.

If there is a fit issue please contact us as soon as possible and we will work with you to resolve it. Every body is different and every body deserves clothes that fit and flatter! We can tailor to your form or help you find someone in your area to do so.